Giving opportunity to prospective students to bring out innovative ideas through competitions and brainstorming. Exploring innovative and creative thoughts, ideas, or concepts from students, research scholars, faculty members from various domains of society as well as industry.

To develop and provide a platform for the creative aspirants, where their innovative ideas and concepts will be incubated and realized.

To incubate, culture, and refine the ideas or concepts with a support from technical as well as creative experts of the concerned fields.

Creating awareness among students and other sections of society regarding various aspects of entrepreneurship like new business prospects, government schemes for entrepreneurs, essentials for framing business plan and developing start-up etc.

Nurturing the idea and giving it a shape of a sustainable venture i.e. assisting from the stage of project identification to project implementation.
Providing mentoring in all areas like operations, technical, finance, marketing, economics etc.

Acting as a support system by helping in providing all sorts of assistance like infrastructure (space), legal advice, technical expertise, market linkage, networking etc.